C L E M E N T   T E R R A C O L 


Clement Terracol


Art Designer-Art design master Creapole school Paris-

I create customized design solutions for you according to your specific needs and challenges. I am specialized in designing personal, commercial, business, educational, service based website, or any customized design according to your requirements.

From you brief I gather the information that allow me to understand how you project yourself as an individual or a company.  I then provide you with your custom design project such as logo design, web design, product design, business card and stationery.

From my perspective, the most important aspect of our collaboration is for me to be at the heart of your own aspiration through an effective listening and a creative mindset.

My perception based on sensitivity and poetry allows me to respond to you specific requests. My values are those we developed together through trust and confidence. According to me, the qualities required to develop and achieve a project are sensitivity, observation and perfectionism.

I am working very closely with an interior designer, Ludmila Stepnova.

I believe Ludmila’s skills could be also an asset in the development of your project.